Why Outsource?

Managing Your Medical Practice

As a physician, you want to concentrate on providing the best high-quality medical care possible to your patients while, at the same time, ensuring that your practice thrives as a business. Many tools are available to help you do just this. Medical billing companies offer cost-effective solutions to ensuring accurate, timely, and efficient billing and record-keeping processes, all of which translates to more profits, more patient satisfaction, and more business for you.

Continuous Change In Healthcare Regulations

With the constant change in health regulations, providers no longer have the time and resources to dedicate to reading material, checking websites, interacting with payers and attending industry seminars.

Billing Business Is Different From Your Core Business

Medical Billing is complex and requires 100% of your staff members’ time. Practices are looking to full service billing partners to allow the practice to focus on quality patient care.

Monthly Reporting

Providing customized monthly reports and analytics that offer a deeper look at key metrics, allowing the organization to make better strategic decisions.


You have peace of mind knowing that your claims are receiving the daily attention they need in order to be paid in an expedient manner. You never need to worry about a vacationing or sick employee.

Decrease Days In A/R

Lack of follow up is a major contributor in lost revenue. Contributing factors such as timely filing issues, contractual allowances and write offs result in an increase in days in A/R.

Focus on Your Practice

Starting a career in the medical field can be difficult and complex, especially since you also need to take care of the administrative component of running a practice. With the help of medical billing companies, you can focus on actually delivering health care services and not having to worry about billing issues or recruiting and training staff to handle this for you. Medical billing companies employ skilled professionals who can deliver the results you want so you can focus on your job.

What our Client's are Saying

Theresa Wilson and her superb team took over my medical office billing in September 2011. Their knowledge of medical billing is accurate, extensive and up to date. They gave me my practice and peace of mind back. I can't thank them enough!

Dermatologist - Livingston, NJ

They are always available for questions and the answers are always on time and far reaching. In an age where carriers are not giving increases they were able to obtain a rate increase for me with one of my major carriers. This is the firm to be with in the symbiosis of health care.

Pediatric Neurologist - Ardsley, NY

They are the greatest. Nothing ever slips through the cracks. Even the smallest items are attended to.

Internist - West New York, NJ

I have not encountered a more thorough and efficient biller in more than twenty five years of practice. Practice Synergy is by far the best company I have worked with in maximizing my revenue stream and remaining current with the changes taking place in reimbursement optimization.

Family Medicine Physician - West New York, NJ

Practice Synergy has completely revolutionized our billing and collection process. They discovered that we were being incorrectly paid by carriers for years, pointed out areas where we were losing funds, and increased our efficiency and collections dramatically. Best decision we ever made!

Dermatologist - West Orange, NJ